The word ‘opera’ comes from Latin and means activity, commitment, or achievement.

In this spirit Opera Italia was founded in 1994 in the province of Padua, in north-east Italy, an area famous for combining perseverance and inspiration.

Opera Italia is a factory of ideas, a library of experience and methods, which offers its professional services in the areas of style and product development, marketing, licensing, and organisational change.

We have extensive experience and skills from all across the fashion sector: apparel, leather goods and luggage, footwear, jewellery, watches, glasses and household items.

We have four particular areas of expertise:

  1. Research, study and development of collections
  2. Market analysis and the acquisition of new clients
  3. Licensing and co-branding projects
  4. Organisational development

Opera Italia helps you decide what direction to go in, how to get there, who to go with and what to sell. Our highly professional team works with passion and integrity, respectful of deadlines and the commitments they have undertaken.

Our key strengths are: forging long-term relationships, our expertise, and combining our creativity with our experience.


Build together

A future where our clients have an organisational culture and systems that allow creativity and innovation to flourish.


Made with Opera

To always be a wellspring of ideas, a dedicated group who forge and develop new business opportunities.


Integrity, creativity, passion and belonging… on the path to excellence

Opera Italia believes that success arises from continuous and controlled work over time, built on the solid foundations of reciprocal collaboration and shared objectives that are both clear and achievable. Innovation is not sporadic but the fruit of the constant labour of a group of people who love their work. The client is an integral element: we collaborate, compare thoughts and plan projects together.

Opera Italia Srl