The team

Professionalism and expertise

Opera Italia is a group of 15 people with different managerial skills and backgrounds who can all contribute to the creation and success of innovative commercial projects and collaborate with clients in a concrete and exclusive way.

Giuseppe Sovilla – Senior Partner
Giuseppe is the beating heart and ‘founding father’ of Opera Italia. An excellent communicator whose motto is ‘suggestions not problems’, he is an expert in marketing and licensing. He has dedicated his career to public relations, which has included management roles, such as Director of Products and Marketing, for large Italian companies. Always enthusiastic, over his years of work and travelling he has developed and honed his own approach, which is based on the idea that you need to fuel the imagination every day, and so he does all that he can to ensure that this happens. He would never forego his books or his walks with his dogs.

Maristella Valente – Marketing Partner
Maristella is the perfectionist of the group. After several years of working in product development for a prestigious company, she joined Opera Italia from the very start and has grown professionally with the company. She holds the delicate but key role of coordinating both business and marketing activities. She loves travelling and exploring different cultures, and is always on the lookout for the aesthetically beautiful.

Luisa De Santi – Creative Partner
Luisa started out, very young, as a tailoress and prototypist in the Venice area in an artisanal establishment and went on to become Creative Director and Product Manager for important fashion companies. Her role in Opera Italia involves overseeing the style of international clients in the apparel and accessories sectors. Creativity and unceasing research play key roles in her professional DNA. She is always on the move and often travels for both work and pleasure.

Thomas Riato – Senior Designer
Having studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Conservatory, Thomas, is passionate about anything related to art, be it drawing, photography or music. A graphic designer and creative, he has specialised in trend and design projects. A literal and metaphysical explorer, he would never be able to do without his mountain bike.